Transaction Technology Systems, Inc. (TTSI Payments) requires that all payment processing hardware and software that presents transactions to its payment processing networks meet existing Application Data Security Standards (AP-DSS) and that merchants utilizing embedded payment processing software or external payment processing hardware meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) in the operations of their enterprises and equipment.

Compliance may include the requirement of PCI security self assessments to be conducted, maintaining copies of credit card program security documents (as amended from time to time), contracts between merchants and payment processors and supplementary communications detailing PCO or credit card processing terms regarding the use of compliant software and hardware to present payments to the processing network through TTSI Payments.

Communications may involve the merchant, software provider, transaction or payment processor, communications provider, network managers (at any segment of the communications carrying transaction data) or a specific card program security manager.  Any communications on the subject of security may occur between any and all of the aforementioned entities and we will assist you with these requirements.

TTSI Payments is committed to data security. TTSI Payments uses a variety of technologies and procedures to help protect personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. For example, TTSI Payments never stores the personal information in its computers.  Data for payment transaction processing is provided via secured means through connections that may be encrypted and secured to be transmitted to the payment processing acquirer network.

As these standards evolve (for example the pending shift of liability with embedded chip-in-card technology) with the change in the market to EMV processing and compliancy, TTSI Payments will respond to embrace these new high levels of secured and encrypted transaction technologies and will provide services as they are available in the payment processing acquirer network.

With the latest in technology for standalone terminals, mobile wireless transactions and embedded POS software solutions TTSI Payments provides you the highest level of fast executions through security compliant transactions for your business.

Moving into the future TTSI Payments will assure your business has a secure path for processing transactions on Point of Sale systems or standalone terminals to the new EMV secure processing environments and requirements and they evolve and continue to change over the next few years.