Together with our value added resellers we provide merchants with a safe, fast and secure bundled PCI / DSS compliant software solution. We make the entire process easy and covenant for the merchants.  One platform supports fast internet protocol or dial-up processing.

TTSI Payments specializes in establishing preferred partnerships with point of sale software solution providers enhancing your businesses efficiency and profitability.

TTSI Payments is focused on providing your company with seamless, reliable transactional payment solutions that are embedded in your business software.

TTSI Payments delivers PCI compliant transactional processing with secured, certified end to end encryption from the software platform.

TTSI Payments supports the most common payment types including (credit, debit, check, EBT, and gift)

Our POS Value Added Resellers offer merchants fast and secure payments with transparent, fair and competitive service rates. This is the winning combination for thousands of businesses in the United States.

TTSI Payments provides your business with a competitive edge, regardless of its size, while enhancing the value of your business.

TTSI Payments specializes in servicing and providing competitive value to small and midsized business with competitive and transparent processing.

TTSI POS Payments need minimal additional hardware to purchase and support, potentially saving your business thousands of dollars

TTSI Payments is a dedicated solution provider working in partnership with your software platform. TTSI’ s state of the art Internet based direct processing connection is embedded within your software to provide for fast, secure and robust processing to the financial transaction network. With our direct integration, you are afforded the stability and peace of mind that our partnership brings to your POS platform operating experience.

TTSI Payments and its software partners maintain constant PCI security vigilance.