Merchant Financing

TTSI Payments

Merchant Cash Advance Program

If your business needs funding for your business for new equipment, a renovation, a new marketing plan or to add new inventory to maximize your business profits we can get you a cash advance for your business fast.

If conventional funding is not the right fit for you and you don’t want to go to the bank we can often get you a cash advance for a lump sum of money with no personal guarantee or collateral needed.

The process is quite simple. By estimating and agreeing to a fixed dollar amount or percentage of a merchant’s future credit card sales ,TTSI Payments, through one of the largest financial organizations in the country, can offer you a lump sum in as little as 3 to 5 business days.

This provides a number of benefits to your business.

  1. There are no costs to apply the financing, or when receiving your funds.
  2. We show you how you can finance your business growth through your own cash flow that is already being generated by your business.
  3. There are no personal guarantee or leans on your property.
  4. Your cash flow costs are typically only 3% to 8% of your sales. What you are doing is like providing the same 3 to 8 percent of your customer base, a 25% discount. This is dramatically less expensive than having a sale and offering all your customers the same discount.
  5. Businesses often like to run fire sales when they need capital and that is always risky because the promotion can fail, or the costs of: marketing dollars, time to construct and launch the promotion, margin erosion of your profits will far outweigh the small temporary increase in cash flow. You can risk and lose much more than what you would have gained investing in the modernization or expansion of your business.

Merchant Cash Advance provides your business the cash to increase sales, while maintaining margins, because your cost of money is already firmly calculated. This is the key combination of success for many businesses.

All we require to process your request is your merchant service processing history.

A bank may be the way you want to go but remember in business, time is money, and it will take you much longer to get your money from a bank.
We take typically 3-5 days to get your funding in your account!

A bank will ask for your personal tax returns and your business plan.
We will not!

A bank will check your credit and you will need you to have a good credit.
We will not!

Banks will require considerably more personal and financial information.
We do not require any!

What will the banks force you to offer as collateral, possibly a lean on your inventory or your house?
We will not!

Ask yourself:

  • Is now the time to invest in your business?
  • Expand your inventory to maximize your sales to your existing customers?
  • Upgrade or purchase new equipment?
  • Should we remodel an existing location?
  • Can the business survive if we don’t start a new marketing campaign or seasonal expansion?

Please let us know how we can help your business succeed with a Merchant Cash Advance from TTSI Payments.